I have recently been asked quite a few questions about Logo’s, Identity and Branding and what the difference is? Are they all the same thing but people just use different words to describe them? Is my logo basically my brand? Well if you are also wondering what the difference is, you are in luck as I am about to break it down for you!

BRAND – The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole

IDENTITY – The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.

LOGO – A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.

Logo, Identity and Branding - What's The Difference (L)

The way I was taught this was by visualising three Russian nesting dolls, your brand, identity and logo each representing a doll. Your logo is a part of and fits inside your identity. Your identity is a part of and fits inside your brand.

So, let me explain this in a bit more detail…


Some people assume that their brand is merely their logo and consists of basic colours, fonts and symbols, but it is actually SO much more than that! Your brand is your company’s perceived image.

It is the way your company looks, what your employee’s do, how they answer the phone and the way you handle clients including their complaints.

A designer cannot ‘MAKE’ a brand. A brand is created by YOU and your audience. A designer forms the foundations of the brand then rest is up to you.


Although your identity is separate from your brand, it contributes to your company’s image visually. A great way to ensure your brand identity is upheld and is consistent, is by using a set of guidelines. These can include approved fonts, colours, layouts, and measurements for various marketing mediums. Your identity is made up of many visual devises.

  • A Logo (The symbol of the entire identity & brand)
  • Stationery (Letterhead, business card, envelopes, etc.)
  • Marketing (Flyers, brochures, books, websites, etc.)
  • Products & Packaging (Products sold and their packaging)
  • Apparel Design (Clothing items that are worn by employees)
  • Signage (Interior & exterior design)
  • Messages & Actions (Messages conveyed via indirect or direct modes of communication)
  • Other Communication (Audio, smell, touch, etc.)
  • Anything visual that represents the business.


Your logo is the corporate identity and brand all wrapped up into one identifiable symbol, mark or signature. Your logo is the imagery that most customers will instantly associate with your company.

A brand cannot be built without the help of an identity. An identity cannot be made without a logo.

This is why your logo is so important….It all starts with a LOGO.

Your logo is a very important visual step in creating the foundations to a powerful and lasting brand. If you need help with your companies branding or require a professional logo, please get in touch.